Cordless drill storage and charging station

Now this is certainly outstanding DIY project for keeping your cordless tools together with all their accessories!

This cordless drill storage will assist keep consitently the whole workshop searching clean and organized. It also serves as the billing station to ensure items related to your cordless tools are often all in one place. Just don’t forget to give you it with a power outlet.

Cordless drill storage and recharging station

This DIY storage is also space-saving since it is wall-mounted. Thus, you possibly can make better use of every inch of the work area.

If you don’t have any wall space available any longer, you can incorporate this idea into an existing furniture/storage in your workshop! One good example would be your workbench.

Is this likely to be the next project for the workshop?

See different versions of this cordless drill storage and charging you station from our album below for your inspiration! It is possible to also obtain the link to an easy-to-follow tutorial following the album.


  • 3/4″ Plywood (1/2 sheet 4’x4′)
  • 1/4″ Plywood
  • 1 1/4″ Screws
  • Wood Glue
  • Sand Paper
  • 3″ Screws
  • Drawer Pull


  • Table Saw with Dado Cutter
  • Drill
  • Marker
  • Measuring Tape
  • Stud Finder

Thanks to Her Tool Belt because of this great project. You will get step-by-step instructions here

Step-by-step instruction

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Our first monthly Reader Request Plan comes from Justin! He wants a 5 dock cordless drill storage and battery pack charging station, that can hang on his garage wall. What an excellent idea to corral your drills, batteries, and battery chargers in a single place. I thought it will be handy to incorporate a drawer for drill bits and stuff.

Cordless drill storage and charging place

Just how to Build a Cordless Drill Organizer and Battery Charging StationCordless drill storage space and asking station

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  • 3/4″ plywood (1/2 sheet 4’x4′) *can be substituted with 3/4″ timber
  • 1/4″ or 5 mm plywood
  • 1 1/4″ screws *
  • wood glue *
  • sand paper
  • 3″ screws
  • cabinet pull

Cut List

Cordless drill storage and billing place

*Note: This organizer fit perfectly with my Ryobi drills (old and new). If the top of the handle, simply under the head of your drill is larger than 1 1/2″, adjust the width associated with the bottoms (2 1/4″) accordingly.

Step 1

Cut out all pieces in line with the cut list. Get the 4 dividers and bottoms. Mark 3/4″ in from each part of the bottom, to center the divider. Pre-drill the underside piece, unless you are utilizing self tapping screws. Apply a bead of glue and secure each divider and bottom together with 1 1/4″ screws.

Cordless drill storage and charging station

Just take one of many racks. Mark and pre-drill holes to add the dividers towards the shelf. Glue and attach the dividers towards the shelf with 1 1/4″, make sure the screws are flush or lower with the timber surface. The space between each divider is 3″.

Cordless drill storage and charging station

Step 2

In the 2 edges, measure over and mark 8″ and measure up 10 1/2″ and mark. Cut between the marks, removing the surplus triangle. Attach with glue and screws, the bottom part piece at the bottom inside of every side, flush with the leading and bottom.

Cordless drill storage space and charging station

On the sides measure up and mark 4 1/2″ and 9 1/4″ from the underside. The space between the shelves is 4″. Pre-drill the sides, glue and screw the shelves between the sides.

Cordless drill storage and asking station

Attach the back, involving the sides. Secure with glue and screws.

Cordless drill storage and charging place

Action 3

Grab the 4 edges of the drawers. Make dado cuts 1/4″ from the bottom, 1/4″ deep and 1/4″ wide.

Cordless drill storage and charging station

Cordless drill storage and asking stationIf you’ve got a Kreg Jig® R3 *, you can make pocket bones on each end of the drawer edges (outside) to connect the drawer together. Or even, pre-drill holes through the cabinet front and back.

Dry fit the cabinet across the drawer base, check that it will fit in the drawer slot, trim as necessary. Use glue and 1 1/4″ screws to assemble the drawer together.

Cordless drill storage space and billing place

Attach a drawer pull to your front side regarding the drawer. Sand the cordless drill place as needed.

Cordless drill storage space and charging place

To connect it to the wall surface, very first find studs in your wall. You’ll also most likely desire it available to an electrical outlet. When you decide where to hang it, pre-drill holes in the straight back and connect it to the wall/studs with 3″ screws (2 minimal places).

Cordless drill storage and charging place

Add a rise protector/power strip if desired and stock it packed with your tools!

Cordless drill storage and charging place

Cordless drill storage and charging station

Download the Plans

Cordless Drill Organizer Charge Station Plans

Thanks Justin for the truly amazing project idea, have fun organizing your storage! pin it for later, please

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